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Statistically, foster youth face abysmal outcomes – from only 2-6% graduating college, 50% ending up homeless or incarcerated upon aging out of the system, and lower workforce outcomes as young adults than any other population of youth.


By providing scholarships opportunities, mentoring, life skills, and professional development, we help our youth overcome the statistics and create brighter futures. We empower the youth to believe in themselves and achieve their goals so they can break the mold of these statistics. 


Most of the youth we serve lack the traditional support systems children and young adults have. Through our program we create a community between our youth, our teachers, and community members that lead to long-lasting connections.


Our youth walk away with lifelong relationships; mentorships; and the understanding that sometimes, we all need to reach out to others for help. With guidance, support and encouragement, our youth become a part of a community and feel a greater sense of belonging. 

Teaching life


Through dance and professional development we instill our youth with a number of important life skills.

Self-discipline, team-work, leadership, accountability, focus, perseverance, and communication are some of the life skills taught in our dance classes. 


From building the confidence to overcome insecurities and face any situation to providing our youth with healthy forms of self-expression, every participant walks away ready to conquer the daily challenges of life and overcome their past trauma. 

Based in Los Angeles

Fostering Dreams Project tax exempt

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